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Appraisal Services

Businesses appraised by Buckland & Associates LLC have substantial investments in buildings and equipment. This why they Must be protected. Buckland & Associates LLC provides you with the comfort of knowing your assets are adequately covered at a time of loss. It is essential to have cost-effective insurance that covers your property and assets. Our property value appraisals support in the insurance underwriting for both our client and their insurance agency. The co-insurance dilemma is no longer an issue. Both parties are knowledgeable of property value and assets to formulate a plan best suited to protect our client in a time of need. We continue to work with our client’s insurance company to submit our annual reappraisals with additions and deletions to buildings and equipment to keep our client’s property value accurate.

Protect your property from unforeseen danger. Fire, wind and water are unavoidable dangers to your investment. Do not wait for a catastrophe, rather be proactive. You will not only have the appropriate insurance coverage; you will have a detailed list of every item you own and its replacement cost. Buckland & Associates LLC will be your burden of proof.

All appraisals include a “Proof of Loss” service for one calendar year from date of the original appraisal and additional years based on the annual reappraisal service. If a loss should occur, we work directly with the insurance adjuster to assist in preparation of the Statement of Settlement at no additional cost to the client. We are full insured for your additional protection.


Our building appraisals include values for replacement cost, insurable replacement cost, and depreciated sound value. Each appraisal includes a comprehensive narrative for each building, including both exterior and interior building components. The exterior of building will incorporate the building construction from the ground level and beyond. Foundation, framing, insulation, and exterior walls will be included. Interior construction will make up the remainder of the building’s value. This includes interior finishes, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, ceilings, floor coverings, partitions, HVAC, fire safety, and specialized building items. All will be detailed out in writing and priced for the building’s start-from-scratch replacement cost. Pictures for documentation will be submitted with report.

Lot lighting and exterior signage will be valued separately as Items in Open.


Our equipment appraisals include a list of every item in a building. Each item is given a description and replacement cost value. We typically provide our reports by an inventory per room/location. All movable equipment and contents are included. We suggest using a tagging system, where we tag all equipment at our initial visit for the accuracy of our reappraisals. This makes disposing and adding items to their equipment list much more manageable. Picture are documentation will be submitted with report.


A yearly update of the original appraisal will be submitted to the client and insurance agent. All additions and deletions will be submitted from the Client and a site visit will only be required as needed. Adjustments are made for annual inflationary increase to buildings and equipment.